About Ready To Run

Ready to Run Strategy

Ready to Run is a movement dedicated to inspiring young men and women to run for office. Ready To Run was borne out of the Not Too Young To Run campaign. With Ready To Run we want make a statement that young people can demonstrate excellent public leadership with immense capacity to address Africa’s governance challenges.

Why Ready to Run is important

  • Increasing young men and women are expressing interest to run for office. The desire is borne out of the urgent need for responsive, accountable and innovative leadership on the African continent.
  • There’s need to inspire young people to participate and sanitize politics. Politics is not dirty. Only the players are dirty
  • Opportunity must meet preparation. Politicians campaigns and winning elections is a complex enterprise that requires specialized skills and knowledge. Undoubtedly, opportunities abound for young people to run for elective office. However, such opportunities must be tapped by persons with requisite capacity and competence.
  • Building a body of knowledge on youth candidacy in Africa. It is important to monitor trends on youth participation in politics

What Ready To Run is about

  • Ready To Run serves as a resource database for young men and women aspiring to run for office. We want to help locate young candidates where ever they are.
  • Ready to Run will profile and promote youth candidates with capacity, integrity, competence and creativity
  • Ready to Run will mobilize support and resources for young men and women candidates for elections
  • Ready To Run will provide training opportunities and link youth candidates to training organizations