Who is a Member of the House of Assembly of a State?

A member of the House of Assembly of a State is a representative of his constituency at the state level. Members of the House are empowered by law to make legislations on behalf of their constituencies for the state.

Composition of the House of Assembly of a State

A House of Assembly of a State shall consist of three or four times the number of seats which that State has in the House of Representatives divided in a way to reflect, as far as possible nearly equal population. It shall consist of not less than twenty-four and not more than forty members. A Speaker and a Deputy Speaker of a House of Assembly lead the house and are elected by the members of the House from among themselves.

Qualifications for Membership of the House of Assembly of a State

A person shall be qualified for election as a member of the House of Representatives if;

  • he is a citizen of Nigeria
  • he has attained the age of thirty five years (twenty five years when the Age Reduction bill becomes law)
  • he has been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent; and
  • he is a member of a political party and is sponsored by that party (or an independent candidate when the independent candidacy bill becomes law).


The members of the House of Representatives of a State shall hold office for a period of four years commencing from the date of the first sitting of the House.

Roles and responsibilities

Top on the list include but are not limited to;

  • Make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the State;
  • To oversee the activities of ministries, departments and agencies (MDA's), through committees;
  • To scrutinize bills and the conduct of government institutions and officials in their states;
  • To legislate on matters contained in the concurrent and residual list.