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Have you ever thought about running for elective office?

If you must succeed, you will need a winning team

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Countdown to the 2023 General Elections

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Why Should I run?

Are you Tired of Bad Governance and lack of Inclusion Young men and women with competence, character and capacity in Nigeria’s political space?

What Are The Benefits?

you will gain access to opportunities, resources and media publicity that will support your political campaign.

Can I talk to someone?

Our team is available by phone Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. To contact us by phone, please call:

  •  08106615677

Let us help you

Dear Nigerian youth, with the momentum built over the last few years, it’s evident that young people can reshape the agenda for democracy, governance and political representation in Nigeria. We can rewrite the Nigerian story by getting more young people with capacity, character & competence into office in 2023.

Register with the ReadyToRun movement for exposure to leadership training, conferences, and workshops on building a winning campaign team, raising funding for campaign and developing a compelling manifesto to run and win elections in Nigeria.

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Get the support you need

Develop a strong strategy to engage supporters and maximize their efforts. Learn how to share why you are running for office and build momentum for your campaign.

Selecting Your Political Platform

Until the constitution is amended to provide opportunity for Independent Candidacy, political party is the only platform through which aspirants can run for office.

Building the Campaign Team

Your Campaign team is a reflection of your character and personality thus it is vital to build a strong campaign team with winning mentality.

Budgeting and Fundraising

While budget and fund raising for election campaign is crucial to winning elections in Nigeria, young people must first and foremost generate and leverage on social capital within and around their communities.

Young Elected Lawmakers in Nigeria

(under 35 as of 2019 General Election)


Have you already decided to run for office? Resources will be made available to help you understand what it takes