The third installment of the ReadyToRun TV Show returned to Channels Television on Sunday, 27th January, 2019, and as expected, it was a motivating forty-five minutes of engaging discussions, insightful opinions, and educational outlooks on electoral affairs. In regards to what the show stands for, which is to give young candidates running for office in the coming 2019 elections more momentum and visibility across the country/voters.

The guests on the third episode were Zainab Mohammed Umar (26), running for office at the State House of Assembly, Kumbotso Local Government, Kano State and Fadahunsi Afolabi (25), for the State House of Assembly, Mushin Constituency 1, Lagos State. Both youth candidates were vibrant and succinct in their intentions to run, giving reasons why their campaigns were necessary at a time as such. Zainab gave her points on proposing a Bill to improve access to healthcare centers for pregnant women and retirees. The twenty-six-year-old who has been involved in community work for a long time promises to use her experience in office if elected. She also said she will partner with private organizations to empower women in her constituency. In regards to funding, she has also received gratuitous help from family, friends, and even lecturers in school who have been providing financial support for her campaign.

Fadahunsi Afolabi aligned with the needs of his people, aware that there is a need for an active legislature that will be accessible to the electorate. He also promises to focus on security, healthcare, employment and entrepreneurship if elected to his constituency. In regards to funding for his campaign, Fadahunsi has been supported by family and friends.

Next was the ReadytoRun Lab, hosted by Hamzat Lawal of Connected Development, where he laid down the seven (7) Tips to Get Your Vote. The show ended with the customary Message of the Week, “Democracy flourishes with strong institutions and respect for the Rule of Law. We must therefore rise to defend our democracy at all times.”

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