With the fourth installment of the ReadytoRun TV Show, the initiative can not only be said to have gone far in its objective to be a sound off for young candidates running for office, but also as an automatic avenue for the electorate to be aware of the dedication and inclusion of young people in political aspirations.

As usual, the show was aired on Channels Television on Sunday the 3rd of February, 2019. With merely days away from the 2019 elections, it was pertinent to showcase more exceptional young candidates aspiring for different levels of office. Our guests were Adaora Onyechere (35) who is running for the office of the House of Assembly, Okigwe State Constituency, Imo State, and Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor (35) running for Senate, Lagos West.

The guest candidates came prepared, stating eloquently their intentions. Adaora stated that “Leadership will only work when you start from the grassroots. There is a difference between leadership and the led.” Her goal is to bring more Industrialization to her constituency, open up Okigwe to more agriculture, and to get Skills acquisition employment accessed for young people in her constituency.

On his part, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor advocates for the push in the appropriation to ensure that more ports. “I am prepared to lead my people. I believe I have the empathy for the people and the situations.” He also promised to commit to the Health care reformation of his constituency i.e. community health care coverage, and lastly, education. In his words, he says; “The main push for me if elected will be education, healthcare, opening up more ports in Lagos (State). I will also commit to the decongestion of ports in Lagos State. We need to also ensure that more ports are efficient and working across the country.”

More young candidates were featured, with Aminu Mohammed Malami (29) House of Representatives, Tarauni Federal Constituency, Kano. Collins Mang Dalyop (28) House of Assembly, Jos South State Constituency, Plateau, Dare Dimas Lugard, (32) House of Assembly, Kaltungo West, Gombe State, Samuel Markus (36), House of Assembly, Pero Chonge Constituency, Gombe State, and Temitope Kolawole (35), running for the House of Representatives, Okitipupa/Irele Federal Constituency, Ondo State. The Message of The Week bore taglines to inspire and motivate more young people running or with the aspiration for running for office, and also to encourage electorates and the general public who would be going out to vote in the very-near coming 2019 Elections. It said thus: “Vigilance is the Price We Pay for Credible Elections. Vote, Remain at the Polling Unit on Election Day. Protect your Vote.”

In line with this, we must always recall that it is important to not just listen to what these young candidates have decided to work towards, but what the ideas they bring and how these ideas are necessary for the growth of our political, social and economic system in the country. For example, Adaora also expressed that she will introduce Bills to provide more opportunities for women and the girl-child, to heighten skill acquisition in her constituency.  She ended with why it is important for her to be elected, to change the status quo for the better. “We want the people to know we have come to serve, we have come to work. This is a not a privilege, it is a responsibility.”

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