Selecting a Political Party

Until the constitution is amended to provide opportunity for Independent Candidacy, political party is the only platform through which aspirants can run for office. Political party is a group of people who are share the same or similar ideas about how the government should be run and are organized to acquire and exercise political power. Click to Read more on political Parties

Selecting a political party is one of the most vital decision when running for public office Nigeria. This decision should meticulously considered before is being taken. While it is important to choose a political party that has the same general views you do, it is critical to identify a political party with principles of inclusion, transparency and accountability

Building the Campaign Team

Your Campaign team is a reflection of your character and personality thus it is vital to build a strong campaign team with winning mentality. Your campaign personnel should cut across all locations where you will be needing support; both financial and votes.

Budgeting and Fundraising

While budget and fund raising for election campaign is crucial to winning elections in Nigeria, young people must first and foremost generate and leverage on social capital within and around their communities. Social capital are essentially goodwill garnered from important stakeholders in the community as a result of your contribution to the development of the community. These contribution could be through community service and other pro-bono activities within and around your constituency.

However, developing budget and fundraising for election campaign must be done in a very transparent manner while abiding by all existing legislations guiding campaign financing. Some Fundraising channel include:

  • Crowd-Funding
  • Personal Savings
  • Donation from Relatives, Friends and Supporters.
  • Political Party Grants