Why You Should Run

Are you Tired of Bad Governance and lack of Inclusion Young men and women with competence, character and capacity in Nigeria’s political space? Do you want to take charge of your future and that of the future generation? If your answer is in the affirmative, then this is enough reason to run for political office to make the positive impact that you desire.

Also, it may interest you that young people make over 50% of Nigeria’s population but sadly do not make up to 3% of decision makers. Thus it becomes imperative for young people to be on that decision-making table where decision about their future is taken.

Nigeria’s democracy required reimagining to ensure the inclusive participation of young people. This would bring in fresh political ideologies, and fresh blood would enter the political system through a legitimate and peaceful electoral.

The good news now is, young people have every right to be active participants in civic and public life and with the constitutional amendment that reduced the age of running for political office, young people as low as 25 years old can now run for public office. Thus, young people running for office in Nigeria have goodwill and the law on their side. Remember, you can no remain be a spectator, cheerleader and campaign merchant in the democratic process. Thus running for office will not only bridge the age barrier between government and the governed but will promote innovative ideas for national development.